About Us

Since 1992, TruPayroll’s founder has been in the accounting world. Having spent time in public accounting, corporate accounting and his own firm since 1999, Al Wagner, TruPayroll’s founder, generally recommended to clients that they use an outside payroll services for over a decade.

“I knew as a CPA working in public accounting and as a Controller/CFO that using a payroll service was a better solution for clients or the company for which I worked. When I started my own accounting practice in 1999, I knew I didn’t want to provide payroll services because I couldn’t give my clients a reasonably priced solution or the efficiency of a company like ADP or Paychex.”

Re-locating in Marco Island, Florida, in 2004, Al continued his work as an accountant. By 2007, Al had been approached a number of times with requests to provide payroll services to clients.

“As an accountant, I was always asked whether I would ‘do’ payroll for clients. I knew it was better for my clients to outsource payroll processing to an established company like ADP or Paychex. I generally never recommended ADP to clients because they had tremendous staff turnover and were the most expensive provider in the country. Most of my clients became customers of Paychex. Why? Well, the regional sales rep would come to my office two or three times a year asking for referrals and I gave them to her. Plus, my clients who had been with Paychex weren’t complaining to me. What I didn’t realize is that my clients weren’t necessarily happy either.”

Then in 2007, a local restaurant, Hoot’s, sold to a new owner. The restaurant was located right below the accounting firm’s office in the same shopping plaza. Before closing on the sale, the soon to be former owners introduced the about to be owner, Bruce, to Al for accounting and tax services. Bruce became persistent that Al provide payroll services, too. Bruce’s experience with ADP and Paychex left him wanting a totally difference answer. After much deliberation, Al agreed and a new division of the accounting firm was launched, IAOPayroll.

“I did a lot of research into how I could effectively compete with ADP & Paychex. The issue was several fold; one, I needed a system I could deploy with all the electronic filing services to federal and state agencies. Two, I needed an online system where customers could access records and input hours, etc. Third, I needed a pricing structure that was both cost effective AND competitive while still providing an operating profit margin. What I came up with was outstanding for both my customers and my business so I launched IAOPayroll.”

Within five years, IAOPayroll developed a sizable base of customers to branch out on its own. So, in 2012, TruPayroll was launched as an independent business and a highly competitive payroll provider.

“By the end of 2011, we had more than enough customers to establish TruPayroll.com as its own business. We have continued to grow since then with a really simple plan: Provide the best service we can at the best price we can. Yeah, I know, it’s a cliché. Yet, it’s true. Ultimately, TruPayroll continues to grow not because of our pricing structure, but as it turns out, we continue to grow because we create long lasting relationships with our customers. Of course our pricing helps keep our customers since it’s so cost effective. I mean, we save the average new customer 67%! That’s nothing to shake a stick at. However, what I’ve discovered in the last several years is that most business owners won’t switch to TruPayroll.com simply because of price. It’s why I’m focused on creating relationships with customers. TruPayroll is NOT just a payroll processing company with a revolving employee door, we’re a family owned and operated business just like our customers! Who better to partner with for payroll than a similar business as your own?”

Today, TruPayroll.com operates with its customers in mind. Al maintains a very active role in the daily operations helping process customer payrolls, fielding phone calls, reaching out to new clients, offering speaking engagements, and maintaining a social media presence. All TruPayroll staff are trained in payroll and payroll related issued from worker’s compensation insurance, time clock systems, data entry, export troubleshooting, and employee specific issues to name a few. TruPayroll is here for its customers now and into the future.