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TruPayroll is migrating…

A new platform is on the way!

We got tired of dealing with what doesn’t work in payroll software so we’re fixing it.

We are pleased to announce effective October 1, 2021, TruPayroll will begin the process of migrating customers to our new platform provided by Wholesale Payroll, LLC a subsidiary of DataSetGo, LLC.

The move comes as a timely development because Intuit, Inc. (having acquired the platform originally created by Paycycle, Inc) is decommissioning the current platform by the end of 2021. Intuit’s decision would create a forced migration of all our customers over to the QuickBooks Online Payroll product. We do not agree nor believe their decision is in our customer’s best interest. Why? While there are many specific reasons, we can encapsulate our reasoning by stating it quite obviously.

Our customers would be charged more per month while receiving a great deal less support. And , that makes no sense.

Al Wagner – CEO, TruPayroll

Our solution? Find a replacement payroll platform that provides the same ease of use, flexibility in service, and cost structure that is experienced by our customers today. We found that with

We’ll be keeping our customers informed via email, text messages, webinars and postcards. Please keep a watchful eye for those communications!