When’s the last time…

You paid it forward?

Picture Courtesy of: https://theescapeartist.me/

I was reminded today several times to remain humble, lead by serving, and pay it forward. I think it goes without saying that our customers hope to grow their business as we do, too. What does do without much speaking is how we all plan on doing that. In today’s social and business environments, survival seems to be the priority focus, (rightly so). However, consider that NOW might be the best time to expand and grow. How can we do that? Together, that’s how. We come together by connecting with one another. Share your thoughts. Building your relationships. Network! Give to others and it will return to you ten fold.

Considering helping someone in your network by connecting them to someone else in your network. Making introductions is a powerful referral engine. How excited do you feel when those connections make a difference for people? I know I feel joy and satisfaction when connections I make help the folks in my network. What’s more,….. simply give of yourself. Give without any expectation of receiving even a thank you. When the sentiments of gratitude do come, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Helping, truly helping, is to give without getting and to do so before being asked.

With so many social media platforms to connect us all, are you using your resources to help pay it forward? How much could we all accomplish if we each set aside 10 or 15 minutes a day reaching out to our social media friends/connections to ask how we might help make something happen for someone else? I’m thinking we could kick start the world economy pretty darn quick if we thought about how to help someone else first and then actually followed through. What do you think?

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