May the odds be ever in your favor

PPP loan forgiveness….. let the games begin! Webinar this week, 05/22/2020 @ high noon! That’s 12pm. “Bring your Lunch”…. we don’t think you’ll wanna miss it!

All kidding aside,…. if you want the odds stacked in your favor, document, document, document…. plain and simple

The SBA has issued the first version (v1.0) of the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application. (OMB 3245-0407, exp 10/31/2020). Do yourself a huge favor, download this application and gather the necessary documentation during the 8 week period, if you’ve gotten a PPP Loan.

Take special note that the SBA forgiveness application specifically references payments made during the 8 week period – none before, none after. Be sure to make copies of:
-Lease agreement/s,
-Mortgage note/s with amortization schedule/s,
-Utility bills for the 8 week period;
-And all payroll and payroll related costs.

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